Other countries to visit

West From Katowice

Here a suggestion of other countries/cities you can visit that are “close by” Katowice. The map aside shows distance by car from Katowice.

Our recommendation of how to get to these places:

  • Berlin:

    • Driving: This is a good option, the roads are very good.

    • Bus: If you don’t want the hassle of driving and are on the budget, I recommend a night bus, should take around 7hours and costs 20euros (https://global.flixbus.com/).

    • By plane: Usually, there are very cheap flights from Berlin-Krakow, sometimes even up to 20 euros (worth checking as well).

  • Prague:

    • I would recommend going by train. From Katowice, you will change in Ostrava and then head directly to Prague. Comfortable and easy way should take around 4hours.

  • Munich:

    • By plane, there are direct flights from Katowice and Krakow, both taking 1 hour.

    • Driving is fine as well with very good rods, however, it will take 8 hours.

  • Vienna:

    • Similar to Prague would recommend by train, taking around 3-4 hours.

    • Driving is also fine and good roads.

  • Budapest:

    • Driving is decent, being a long drive around 6hours.

    • There are night trains in quite affordable.

    • By plane, there are flights from Krakow-Budapest, taking only around 30-40min. However, they are not cheap.






East from Katowice

The way to get to these cities is by plane. Some have a direct flight from Katowice/Krakow, others there will be a connection (probably in Warsaw).